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Three Cubic Feet

March 25, 2012 | Comments Closed

A UK release of my first book is coming soon. Three Cubic Feet will be available as an ebook and in paperback. In the meantime, for my UK/European friends, send me £15 through PayPal, and I’ll mail you a copy.

Read what UK writers D.D. Johnstone and Tyler Keevil say about the book here.

Jodee Stanley, editor of Ninth Letter, blurbed about my book for the 2013 Pygmalion Lit Fest: “One of the best things about Lania Knight’s debut novel Three Cubic Feet is how movingly and accurately she portrays the … More »


March 24, 2012 | Comments Closed

Journal Publications

More links for good stuff…

An essay about daughters and names and living in the UK in Literary Mama

A short story about an American poet living in China in Short Fiction Journal

A prose poem on Roselle Angwin’s blog

A chapter from my new book project, in audio. Thanks, Vermont Studio Center!

An essay about figure writing in Queen Mob’s Teahouse

An essay about being a gynecological teaching assistant at The Rumpus

An essay about growing up in a small town in Texas at the Burlesque Press Variety … More »


March 23, 2012 | Comments Closed

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March 20, 2012 | Comments Closed

For my UK/European friends, send me £15 through PayPal, and I’ll mail you a copy of my book, Three Cubic Feet.

I’m judging prose for the Gloucestershire Writers Network Prize. Submission deadline is Saturday, 27th July.

I’ve moved to the UK! Read about it in an interview with my new students and a post by my new colleagues at University of Gloucestershire.


October 2017: reading at Cheltenham Literature Festival. TBC.

1st-2nd July, 2017: presentation on layered writing exercises at Great Writing Conference, Imperial College London. TBC.

Sunday, 13 November 2016, … More »