Don’t Even Get in the Door

August 13, 2016 | Tags:, , , ,  | 2 Comments

A gorgeous back patio in Brighton watching the sunset with a sleepy cat, this is where I am now. I’ve spent the entire day at the beach, and I’m in that pleasant moment of I’ve been in the sun but now I’m showered and lotioned and relaxed. One of my favourite kinds of moments. I don’t understand it, though, because I’m here, and my friends are elsewhere, several of them struggling with health or money or grief, and the ones who aren’t struggling are just not here, so I miss … More »

The Door to Face the World

May 27, 2016 | 1 Comment

My daughter and I went to the cinema tonight to see Alice Through the Looking Glass. Alice of the game Alice Madness was my daughter’s namesake for more than a year, a placeholder while she was figuring out how to move from ‘Daniel’ into ‘Morgan’, the young woman she is today. Morgan is in England with me for a month, my first visitor from the States. I feel whole with her here, and I hadn’t even realized how thin, how skeletal I’d felt before she arrived. My entire life, I’ve been held … More »

Noise of the World

March 23, 2016 | Comments Closed

The flags, one for the US, one for the UK, are flying at half-mast today at Harlaxton. Stephanie, an archaeology student from University of Evansville died yesterday due to complications of a long-term illness. This morning, the principal gave an address in lieu of lecture, speaking of Stephanie’s time at Harlaxton and offering thoughts from one of her favorite authors, JRR Tolkien. When someone dies young, it is shocking and painful. I didn’t know Stephanie, but from the stories I heard last night on the soft brown leather sofa in … More »

Read the Lines on my Palm

February 14, 2016 | Comments Closed

Ah, Valentine’s Day. This year it’s particularly challenging as it comes two days after my divorce is final. No matter the reason(s) for ending a marriage, when you’ve been with someone for fifteen years, it’s a difficult goodbye. In the last few months though, I’ve been amazed at the capacity for love within myself and within all the folks who have been part of my life, whether they be husbands, boyfriends, lovers, family, or friends, or some combination of all these. I’ve been wearing a lovely pair of purple crystal … More »

I Was Sat

November 21, 2015 | Tags:, , , , ,  | Comments Closed

My furniture arrives in eight days, a three-seater sofa bed and a mattress, both bespoke. Which means, in UK speak, they were made for me. I’ve rarely had clothes made for me, much less furniture. I’ve gone posh, as they might say in my newly adopted country. Well, maybe not the ‘gone posh’ part. But really, I do live in the poshest neighborhood of a very posh town, and it’s all because I’ve gotten lucky. Very lucky. Someone has been sprinkling fairy dust on my life. Or sweeping the ice for me, … More »